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Rencontres du Réseau « Démocratie Électronique »

2010 December 16
by breyan

I’m about to head to the Université Paris-Est Créteil to participate in the annual “rencontres du réseau ‘démocratie électronique’! Stéphanie Wojcik kindly invited me to discuss one of my papers: “Internet-Based Protest in European Policymaking: The Case of Digital Activism” that was published in the special issue on “E-Politics in a Global Context” of the International Journal of E-Politics (Vol. 1, Issue 1, 2010).

Sabine Saurugger from Sciences Po Grenoble will be my discussant. I am looking forward to her critical remarks and a constructive discussion. Interestingly, she will be presenting and commenting on my paper and then it’s up to me to react to her comments. Last year, this format functioned really well and engaged the audience in a nice discussion. For me it’s also a great opportunity to get in contact with French researchers working on the political uses of the internet. I feel that at times I’m far to focused on the anglo-saxon world. So I’m really looking forward to the comments and feedback, especially as my dissertation – which I’m currently writing – expands and develops upon various concepts found in the paper discussed here.

We will also be discussing a paper by Alexandre Dézé (discussant: Nicolas Hubé) on how the French extreme right party, the Front national, uses his internet site. I am looking forward to learning more about this topic!

See also the complete programme of the day:

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