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Can Lah!

2010 July 27
by YanaBr

“With those two words Singaporeans express the possible.” It’s an affirmative expression and kind of the leitmotive of this blog. I started my PhD a little less than three years ago. For a long time, I played with the idea to create a blog. Should I? Isn’t it necessary for international visibility? I could start one anonymously or just keep my previous website, a somewhat static page I never managed to update regularly.

Today, I feel ready to communicate to the world. I’ve learnt so much in the last couple of years, not only academically but mainly grew as a person. I’m not yet sure what I can contribute to this giant conversation that is happening over  the internet. Will it be meaningful? Will it last? Will it be read?

As a kid I used to be fascinated by messages in a bottle thrown to sea. What intrigued me was the time it took for the bottle to arrive to a far away shore, to be eventually found one day and even more unlikely to be answered to.

Starting this blog feels just like throwing a bottle into the sea. The wide ocean of networked computer-mediated communication. Read it, hate it, comment it, ignore it…

Can Lah! It can be done!

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